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Evolving War of PDE5 Inhibitors

  • Numerous inventions and developments since the Industrial Revolution in England in the 18th century have changed the way of life and quality of human life to the present day unimaginably. It has seen a huge change in 20 years. The evolution and development of oral erectile stimulants are the first to diversify, the second to change to low-dose daily therapy, the third to diversify dosage forms such as film, granule, and chewy in addition to tablets, and the fourth to application to various indications other than erectile dysfunction. can be summarized as

    In Korea, the price destruction and market restructuring caused by the approval and launch of generic drugs for 비아그라 정품 and Cialis accelerated the withdrawal of original drugs and the weakening of market share. In addition to the negative aspects, the release of a variety of inexpensive 비아그라 정품 can help patients treat patients and serve as an opportunity to protect and develop the domestic pharmaceutical industry. In fact, various types of complex improved drugs are being developed and sold by domestic pharmaceutical companies, and overseas exports are also increasing.

    As of 2018, the Korean erectile dysfunction treatment market in Korea has hopeful expectations for securing the survival competitiveness of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, which must survive through the development of complex improved new 비아그라 정품 and overseas exports, despite the poor medical environment with basic low prices.