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Do you know the daily low-dose treatment for erectile dysfuncti

  • Various stories unfolded in the newly introduced “ All About Sexual Function ” last week . Among them, the question of low-dose daily therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment became a hot topic . Low-dose daily therapy is a treatment that has been introduced in Korea through clinical trials for several years with the aim of obtaining natural sex by increasing the number of times instead of reducing the dose . After the rain, we will find out the parts that were not answered sufficiently in the broadcast with the help of Dr. Jang Jin-seok of the Department of Urology, Jamsil Seoul Urology, a mentor .


    How did low-dose daily therapy begin ?
    Until now, 비아그라 정품 should be taken an hour or two before sexual activity . However, since it is impossible to predict when a man's momentary sexual desire will occur, it is inconvenient to have sex at an agreed time between lovers . In addition, the process of taking the drug itself interferes with the natural atmosphere between lovers before sex .

    However, Cialis ( ingredient name : Tadalafil ) has a long duration of action . This is because, unlike 비아그라 정품, which usually loses its effect after 4 hours, Cialis lasts up to two days . A low-dose daily regimen is to take half the usual dose of Cialis daily, with or without sexual activity . The advantage in this case is that natural sexual activity is possible whenever a desire arises .

    It was originally started as a three -week dosing regimen, but it was inconvenient to remember the day of the week . So, I tried to reduce the dose of the drug in one pill and take it once a day at a specific time . It has become one of the standard treatment for erectile dysfunction as it has high patient satisfaction and has an effect on the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia .