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Why Users Are Buying and Selling Instagram Accounts for their P

  • Instagram is all about having many followers, and building up the number of your followers needs a lot of time and hard work. You really can't build a loyal following in just a week or even a month from scratch. That is why many businesses are taking shortcuts buying Instagram accounts with a loyal following. Instagram is by far one of the top social media sites with a high positivity rating on engagement in advertising and branding campaigns. Instagram is being accessed by more than 1 Billion users monthly and is the 6th largest social network globally.And because Instagram is getting more popular, a lot of people are now getting drawn to it.


    The price of an Instagram account generally depends on the niche, the number of followers, and activity or engagement within the Instagram account. For example, an Instagram account with about 10,000 followers can have a price tag between $100-$200. Meanwhile, an account with a Million followers usually has a price tag of $30,000-$50,000. That is why many people are profiting from the buying and selling of Instagram Accounts. It is big money if you know what to do. Buy instagram account in a low price and sell it in a much higher price is the common practice nowadays.



    If you are looking to purchase an Instagram account with legit followers, here are some essential tips you should know to get the most out of your money.


    1.You should buy an account with lots of followers. The more legitimate followers, the better because a large audience makes it easier for you to launch a solid campaign. Buying and spending money on an account with only a handful of followers would be a waste of your time and money. So always look for the big numbers as they say it's always a numbers game.

    2.Choose a middle man company that lets you have the Instagram account name or Instagram handle even before the sale. Knowing the Instagram handle will enable you to do a background check to determine if the followers are all-natural and not bots and see what kind of engagement the Instagram account has. So basically, with the handle, you can check the account and see if everything is legit.

    There are third party companies that will give you 24 hours’ money-back guarantee. So after buying the account, you have 24 hours to test it and find out if it suits you. If not, then you can send it back, and you'll get a full refund as long as you're within the 24-hour limit.

    3.If you are buying an account, you might pick an Instagram account with a niche that you can relate to not to lose the followers. Also, choose an account that can address your needs, an account you can work with comfortably to be easier for you to handle and configure.

    4.Once you have bought an Instagram account, changing the email address and making a new password is in your best interest. Do it quickly so that your Newly purchased Instagram account would be safe and secured and so that the previous owner won't have any access to the account anymore.