Which teams have the best gaming advantage in Madden 22

  • With the launch of Dynamic Gameday, players are particularly concerned about the home court advantage in Madden 22, which will be released this year. Home field advantage is activated by building your momentum meter, and only the home team can get a unique boost in their stadium. It is understood that this mechanism will be used in conjunction with Dynamic Gameday, and players must try this mechanism in the closed beta version of Madden 22. Because it adds a whole new level to each game, especially when you play as the home team.

    Regrettably, it is unique to the next generation of consoles and will only appear in the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions. Therefore, players on PS4, Xbox One and PC will not have the opportunity to Buy MUT 22 Coins enjoy this feature. Currently, these stadium-specific improvements have received mixed reviews from some fans, but we can take a closer look at which teams have the best gaming advantages in Madden 22.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers and red zone fatigue
    At the back end of our roster, we have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and their home court advantage is that the home team players temporarily replenish fatigue in the red zone. Although there are other options to beat it, it is a seemingly worthwhile option, especially when it comes to defense. Replenishing the fatigue of your defensive front in the red zone can allow for additional skill moves and critical stops, which may prevent the opponent from taking the lead.

    Seattle Seahawks and squiggly routes
    As the fourth best, the home court advantage that the Seattle Seahawks and their 12th man have is that the Away Team distorted the art of the game in the 3rd and 4th places. Understandably, although many fans are happy with the "wave-like" nature of this feature borrowed from previous NCAA football championships, Seattle's advantage is still important. We should wait and see to see how much this improvement has on the AI ​​in Madden 22, but using it in all key 3 and 4 games can have a significant impact.

    New Orleans Saints and receiver interference
    As the back row of our top three, the home court advantage the New Orleans Saints have is that the crowd noise in the Superdome is legendary. In Madden 22, it will be so deafening that some receivers may end up taking the completely wrong route. This is another method that may take some time to see how much impact it has on the AI ​​or users in the game, but it certainly has great potential to disrupt important games.

    Cincinnati Bengals and no huddle
    In the end, the home advantage that the Cincinnati Bengals have is that No Huddle leads to reduced clock runoff. This may be by far the most overlooked home field advantage, because since the details of Dynamic Gameday were exposed, many more interesting advantages have received the most attention. However, the Cincinnati Bengals and their "Who Day" home field advantage is the strongest among them because the clock control won the game.

    Whether you win or lose, if you have enough Madden NFL 22 Coins motivation to activate the first M-Factor, players will be able to use No Huddle to get more every second. As long as you can stay motivated enough to stay active and ensure that the game is near the end, mastering No Huddle with the Bengals can double what you can accomplish in the last few seconds. In addition, you should get as many MUT 22 Coins as possible. More MUT Coins can give you a greater advantage. And UTnice is undoubtedly your best choice.