The popular tribe led to the cycle of war in WoW: Burning Crusa

  • Since the launch of Burning Crusade Classic, the vast majority of players have chosen to join the clan, and almost no players have joined the Alliance PvP team. Because there are not enough alliance PvP teams to fight against the tribe, the PvP queue time is too long, and some servers need to wait for several hours to find a match. Due to the long waiting time, some tribal players will wander in different areas of the Outland when waiting in line, looking for alliance players to gank. After all, players don't have to use the battlefield to get the honor points needed to unlock the cool new PvP armor.

    Nevertheless, players believe that this will create a vicious circle in which no one wins. Alliance players trying to upgrade to level 70 on a tribal-dominated PvP server have been repeatedly harassed by a large number of boring tribal players. Faced with such unfair odds, many players either re-select PvP servers that are beneficial to the alliance, or switch to the Classic PvE servers that open world PvP opted in, or opt out.

    When Burning Crusade was released early, this problem was not so obvious, because min-maxing and theoretical TBC Classic Gold production were not as common in the game community as they are today. Until 2015, Blizzard launched the employment mode, this new feature allowed players to temporarily exchange camps in battlefield matches, the severity of factional imbalance steadily increased. When the mercenary mode is activated, your avatar will be replaced with an avatar that belongs to the opposing faction, so your opponents don't even know that they are actually fighting against their own players.

    To solve this problem, Blizzard recently tested a similar system for Burning Crusade Classic, in which tribal players can line up on the battlefield, and if no match is found, they will compete with another tribal group. But this time they will wear the cardboard mask Alliance race on them instead of being magically transformed into another race. The current test has ended, but Blizzard did not say whether it will permanently add this feature for all servers. However, many players are not satisfied with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčentering the classic mercenary mode because it does not solve the underlying problems.

    Although making the battlefield faction agnostic will fix the queue time of the tribe, it does not solve why few players choose to play the alliance. As more and more alliance players are inevitably attracted by the tribe, this will bring a worse experience to the remaining players. Fewer alliance players on the server means fewer dungeons and raid teams, less auction house activity, and fewer people fighting side by side in PvP. In fact, even before the release of Burning Crusade Classic, game director Ion Hazzikostas admitted that faction imbalance is one of WoW's biggest problems since its initial release, and even hinted that one day players can team up regardless of faction.

    It would be nice to remove these barriers that separate players, but it still won't solve the fundamental problem of a faction having more desirable qualities. Hazzikostas fears that this may also damage the unique identity of these factions and Warcraft itself. If players want a better experience in the game, then getting more Cheap TBC Classic Gold can give them a greater advantage. The emergence of MMOWTS easily helped players solve the problem of lack of Gold.