Salt Giant winds up and attacks through the air using his fist

  • Where to Find The Salt Giant

    The map shows Saland Hill with Lost Ark Gold circle that shows the location of Salt Giant

    In the unlikely event that you didn't encounter that Salt Giant during your Yudia pursuit, you'll find the lumbering foe in the to the east of the Nomad Camp in Saland Hill, right before the bridge over land that takes visitors towards Thorngrip Den.

    The salt giant launches an attack of the aoe circle cause injury to a player within a salt plain area

    Although The Salt Giant is a level 19 World Boss, based on his attack pattern it is an more simple World Boss to start with than Rudric. None of his moves cause any debuff effects , or last-forever stuns. Furthermore The Salt Giant is pretty slow making him easy to kite and avoid.

    A basic melee attack, Salt Giant winds up and attacks through the air using his fist.

    The Salt Giant's "Salt Sprinkler" move is only available randomly during the second stage of the battle, once you've knocked off a decent amount of his health.

    If you're having difficulty to get out of best place to buy Lost Ark Gold the Salt Giant's range, popping the Swiftness Robe is recommended. Although there is no doubt that the Salt Giant is not weak in any way, Flash Grenades will still take a considerable amount of damage, giving you a advantage. Although the Salt Giant's attack is entirely random, if you don't have a team to take on him Luterra's horn could be beneficial to draw some of his rage away enough to put some good hits in, especially in a melee-based class.