Amazon and Smilegate would "consider" Lost Ark console port

  • Amazon and Smilegate would "consider" Lost Ark Lost Ark Gold console port

    Amazon Games and Smilegate would "consider" a console version of Lost Ark, if fans wanted it.

    According to VG247, Amazon Games' franchise director Soomin Park was asked about whether the game will be released on Xbox and PlayStation - especially after the huge success of the main competitor Diablo 3.

    "If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans really want, then it's something both sides would take into consideration," he said.

    When it comes to Diablo, Park did allude to the rivalry between Blizzard's long-running series. "We are convinced that there is an opportunity to allow Lost Ark to establish itself as a major player according to how much success the game has seen to date," he said.

    Park got a question on what the reason was it took for Lost Ark to transition from Asian popularity to global success.

    "The market was already there. Smilegate had put years into improving and enhancing the basic game and we collaborated in bringing it to an entirely new public, with millions gamers now able to play games for the first time," he said.

    There's also the link with South Korean culture, following Lost Ark Gold for sale the massive international success of K-pop bands and TV shows like Netflix's Squid Game.