Lost Ark has proved immensely popular on PC

  • The action-RPG is already Lost Ark Gold enjoying huge successes on PC but the franchise's director Soomin Park told VG247 that extending its reach to consoles isn't out of the realms of possibility.

    While discussing the success of the Diablo franchise on console, Park commented: "If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans truly want I believe it's something that both parties should take into consideration."

    The release of any game on PlayStation or Xbox would be years into the future, but of course because it appears that there's no plans currently to create an Xbox or PlayStation console version.

    Lost Ark has proved immensely popular on PC since its release on February 17 in western countries, shooting to second on Steam's most played games of all time and having more than 20 million players.

    The launch hasn't been free of difficulties, and Amazon Games recently admitted it made its first significant update soon after launch, pressuring players into paying for what was intended to be free content.

    It's also been criticized for having gender-locked best place to buy Lost Ark Gold classes, meaning only males can become warriors and women are mages, and so on in addition to its female characters' revealing costumes, but it has addressed these concerns.