Are you able to choose one of the races in Lost Ark?

  • Set in a fantasy world, Lost Ark features Lost Ark Gold two playing races at the moment of writing: Humans and Elves. Although you'll find many other races, and the developers may include more in the future, they are the only ones you can choose currently.

    In addition, you won't be able to exactly select the race that you prefer when creating your character: It will be determined based on the character's class, similar with their gender. For this reason, the character's race will already be locked when you choose the class.

    It's not clear if players will be able to select different races in every class in the future, since the developer has yet to say anything on that matter.

    One of the biggest features in most MMORPGs is the possibility to do things with guilds and friends online. Guilds are an excellent method of keeping them all together and arrange events.

    Creating a guild in Lost Ark is fairly simple and is possible within minutes of players leaving their prologues and have the needed amount of silver. The game throws a lot at players once they quit the prologue making it difficult to learn about guilds. definitely be lost in the vast amount of information.

    To open the tab for guild Press Alt+U, or Lost ark gold buy click "Community" in the lower right corner of your map. Select "Guild" within the pop-up menu. This will bring up the guild screen. At first glance, it will display all the guilds that are recruiting members. The guilds could have up to 30 members in each one when they first start.