Perhaps because of his lack of playing time up to this point

  • In case you didn't know about Mut 22 coins it by now--as though you'd been living on Mars for the past 22 years--Brady was chosen with the number 6 in 199th overall, by the Patriots in the 2000 NFL Draft. He was an unassuming QB and his rookie Madden rating was a reflection of that. Brady only threw three passes that season, in spot roles in the backfield behind Drew Bledsoe, connecting on one of them for six yards. The entire team, especially the New York Jets--knew who Brady would become.

    Perhaps because of his lack of playing time up to this point, or perhaps due to the darts and a dartboard format of players virtually unknown in Madden Brady's overall rating was actually down by six points in Madden NFL 02, which was the time of the beginning on the first day of training camp for 2001. The time would come when Brady made his debut, though, coming in for an injured Drew Bledsoe when an incident in which the Jets' Mo Lewis clobbered the starting QB and sent Brady to the bench for the third week of the season. The rest is history. When Bledsoe would be healthy enough to come back to work, he'd already lost his job to young upstart Tom Brady.

    Brady would go on to help the team achieve an overall record of 11-5 (11-3 as the starting quarterback) and--followed by two thrilling playoff games against the Raiders and Steelers -- lead the Patriots franchise to its first Super Bowl victory. If you've heard this story, you'll recall that this was not the team's last.

    After beating the infamously dubbed Madden nfl 22 coins "Greatest Show On Turf" St. Louis Rams, Brady came into 2002 as a defending champion and the week 1 starter. Brady's career spans 22 years that included 20 seasons as the starter in 20 of them (we'll look at his disastrous 2008 season later) And he went on to make it to the postseason 19 times out of 20 good seasons. The 2002 season was the only one where there was no January football. He going 9-7, and then losing on a tiebreaker between three divisions that season, instead sending the Jets to the playoffs. The early-era Brady who was seen as game manager, however the 28 touchdowns he scored that season were his highest score in his career until Randy Moss showed up half an entire decade later. This would also Brady's last season in Madden where he'd be rated lower than a 90.