Discover the best investments

  • The beginning of the New Year is usually the time to revisit old promises, plans and projects. And if losing weight or buying a home are long-term goals, investing your money well is something that can take a few minutes to do and with results that can have a big impact on your future.

    If you are already convinced that you lose money by leaving the amount in the checking account, consumed by inflation, or realized that common savings have long since failed to bring profitable results, this post was made for you.

    Here you will find a guide to decide the best investments for your resources in 2017. Check it out!

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    How to make the best investments?

    Before analyzing the options in the market for investing money, it is necessary to be aware of two fundamental factors: the profile of the investor and his financial planning and the conjuncture of the economy in which he intends to invest.

    Investor profile and planning

    The profile of the investor is a portrait of the aspirations, expectations and personality characteristics of the owner of the resource.

    If the idea is to invest the money betting on big gains and not caring too much about the risk of big losses, we are facing a bold investor, whose profile allows venturing in the purchase of shares on the Stock Exchange, for example.

    If the investor has less tolerance for losses, but still intends to take frequent profits there, investments in fixed income can be an option, as well as investments in companies.

    If, however, you intend to rely on all the money in the future and do not want to worry about losses, ensuring a lower but stable profitability, your choice should fall on fixed income funds offered by banks.

    In addition to the risk propensity, there is also personal financial planning. If an investor is bold, but has a commitment to pay in the coming months with part of his investments, it is not appropriate for him to take risks with that part of the equity.

    The economic situation

    Another vital aspect to consider when deciding where to put your money is the country's economic condition. Brazil is now facing a recession, which means that its economy, instead of growing, is shrinking.

    On the other hand, a few months ago, inflation remained high. In this scenario, the interest rate practiced by the Central Bank (Selic), which guides all profitability and interest rates practiced in the market, was at its highest level.

    However, there is a certain optimism on the part of economists regarding the short future of Brazilian accounts. 2017 can already experience a slight growth. With the recent fall in inflation and the difficulty of the economy to reheat quickly, the Central Bank started a significant decrease in the Selic rate, which is expected to remain low.

    The fluctuation of these indices all directly impacts the profitability of most investments.

    What are the best investment options?

    Considering the premises described above, some investments are noteworthy and may (without guarantees, because the market changes) present better investment returns for 2017:

    Prefixed Treasury

    Already considered a good option last year, this bond should become the best option for many investors thanks to its high profitability and security of return.

    The resumption of better conditions in the Brazilian economy means that investing in Treasury bills that is, buying portions of the Brazilian government's debt, becomes even more secure. Today, there is no risk of federal default. Pre-fixed rates are the best option among the securities offered today by the Central Bank.

    With the fall in inflation, treasury bills indexed by the IPCA, whose maturity occurs in the short term, may disappoint. They are, however, a safe and attractive investment for those who want to redeem the values ​​in the long term. In such cases, indexation to the IPCA guarantees profitability and protects the investment from corrosion of inflation. Good option for investment in retirement, for example.

    Attention also to the titles corrected by Selic. Considered large investments three years ago, this has now changed because there is no forecast on the horizon for the basic interest rate to rise again, on the contrary, it should continue to fall. Thus, the tendency is that LFT papers, those linked to the Selic rate, lose as a result to the fixed rate ones.

    Remember that there is a regressive income tax on investments in the security (the percentages vary from 22.5% to 15%, depending on the time of withdrawing the money) and that it is possible to register with brokers that do not charge percentage of investment management.

    If prefixing rates in times of fall is an interesting alternative, it should also be remembered that this can also be done with bank-issued securities that also exist in prefixed modalities, such as CDBs, LCIs, LCAs and LCs.

    Real Estate Funds

    Responsible for much of the gains of investors in recent decades, thanks to the vertiginous appreciation of the sector in large cities, real estate funds have decelerated with the economic crisis. However, the resumption of growth should again turn them into good investments.

    It is interesting that the investor enters this option as soon as possible, in order to take advantage of the downtown facilities and maximize their gains. Real estate funds function as an association of creditors that invest in civil construction. With business heating up, obtaining a slice of the fund also becomes more expensive.

    Real estate funds are also favored in periods of low interest rates, helping to increase their shares.

    Stock Exchange

    Similar reasoning to that of the Real Estate Funds applies on the Stock Exchange. Recently, dozens of companies have accumulated losses in the values ​​traded in the market and many people have lost money with stocks. On the other hand, with the improvement in expectations, the stock market was a highlight of profitability in 2016 and, if these expectations remain positive, the stock exchange may continue to perform well.

    But remember that the market is cyclical and that efforts to improve the financial situation of companies should start to pay off in the coming months.

    Risk-conscious investors can reap good rewards by buying the cheap stocks of many companies that can (without guarantees, remember) experience great appreciation in the medium term.