A full umbrella company

  •  Using anumbrella company is an alternative to being paid PAYE but your client or agencyand is just as safe and legally compliant. wholesale Golf Umbrellas It works by you becoming an employee of the umbrella company andreceiving all the statutory rights that go with this. In addition to working through an umbrellacompany, you can also claim any expenses you incur whilst going about yourwork.

    This also should improve your takehome pay.An umbrella company is an alreadyestablished management company that allows you to work under its name. The will remove the threat of IR35 and getrid of your administration. In effectthey create more time for you to do the things you want to do, whether that isusing the extra time to earn more or just having more quality time.The key benefitsof choosing to use an umbrella company are:· IR35 and MSC compliant· Same day processing for all timesheets receivedbefore midday· Freephone number and freepost address· SAME DAY payroll, 5 days a week· Same day payments into your bank account when wereceive payment from your client or agency· Dedicated account manager available between 9amand 5.30pm every working day· Childcare Voucher Scheme· SMS message to confirm your pay is on its way· Professional Indemnity insurance of £2 million·

    Employers' and Public Liability insurance· Competitive rates at just £27.50 per week or £75.00 per month all inclusive· Fixed fee structure with no extra charges, noset up fees or exit penalties· All your contract administration and invoicingundertaken by our highly experienced teamCloud9 is areputable umbrella company thatprovide a full umbrella company service at the UK’s lowest fixed weekly fee. You may see competitors advertise anafter-tax or net fee but Cloud9 promote their gross fee because it is the samefor everyone an easier to understand. Their fee is £27.50 per week or £75.00 per month all inclusive.Using theumbrella services provided by Cloud9 you will be relieved of theresponsibilities of operating your own limited company whilst simultaneouslyallowing you to enjoy higher remuneration, tax advantages, flexibility, freedomand all the other benefits of being a contractor. The service may even work out cheaper thanthe costs of operating your own limited company!Cloud9’sumbrella company service is ideal for many Contractors in today’s busy marketplace. Many people do not want to takeon the obligations associated with running a Limited Company. Others are either working on a short termcontract or need to see cash arriving in their personal bank accounts veryquickly. As the umbrella service has nominimum contract length if your contract comes to an end or is terminatedearly, you are free to leave.