S-I-O-0411 slewing drive for vehicle

  • S-I-O-0411 External gear spur gear slewing drive for vehicle equipment

    Model: S-I-O-0411

    Type: External gear spur gear slewing drive

    Slewing drive gear ratio: 8.40

    Rated output torque: 3500N.M

    Rotation center diameter: 411mm

    Total height with adapter flange: 105mm

    Gear backlash ≤0.20mm

    S-I-O-0411 External gear spur gear slewing drives are used for special vehicles, slewing drives are driven by hydraulic motors, which have low speed and large torque, which are very practical in places where there are ready-made hydraulic stations.


    The slewing drives come with a gear ratio of 8.40. The hydraulic motors directly drive the slewing drives to rotate, eliminating the need for planetary reducers. The slewing drives are used outdoors all-weather, which require the slewing drives have dust-proof and rain-proof function and can withstand high temperatures and severe cold.


    The slewing drives produced by Unique Transmission adopt a fully enclosed design, the seals can effectively prevent dust and water, the housings of QT450-10 wrap the slewing bearings, gears and support bearings inside, which effectively protect the key components from damage. The housings adopt plastic spraying processes, which are beautiful and have strong anti-rust ability.


    The installation and matching dimensions of the slewing drives, the oil injection holes, the motor shaft holes, the adapter flanges and other dimensions are directly matched to the customer’s components, the slewing drives have been filled with sufficient amount of Mobil EP2 grease in the parts that need to be lubricated before leaving the factory. After the customer receives the slewing drives, the installation can be completed conveniently and quickly, and the work can be started directly without debugging.


    The slewing drive is a component that can bear load and support the rotation of the workpiece with a certain gear ratio. It can be perfectly combined with the customer’s existing equipment, and it is extremely convenient to install and use. It is a very good slewing product. For more slewing drive products and more application methods, please contact us.


    We make standard and custom slew drives, slewing bearings, stainless steel slew drives, aluminum housing slew drives, waterproof slew drives, bipolar slew drives, etc suitable for different working conditions. You can add our wechat: +86 18637905181 or write E-mail: sales@u-transmission.com to us with your requirements, we'll give you prompt reply.


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