HSE9 high speed slewing drive

  • HSE9 high speed heavy duty slewing drive


    Model: HSE9

    Type: Heavy duty high speed slewing drive

    Slewing drive gear ratio: 62

    Rated output torque: 9KN.M

    Rotation center diameter: 229mm

    Total height with adapter flange: 108mm

    Gear backlash ≤0.3mm

    HSE9 heavy duty high speed slewing drives are installed vertically by customers, used to drive the winches to lift heavy objects, use hydraulic motors to drive the slewing drives to rotate. When the slewing drives are installed vertically, if the torque is large and the rotation speed is high, it is easy to make noise, the customers’ machines rotate fast and have a large output torque.


    According to the customers’ operating conditions, we recommend that customers use HSE9 heavy duty copper worm gear slewing drives, the enhanced design of the slewing drives increase the overall performance of the slewing drives. The copper worm gears and steel worm shafts are used for meshing, the friction resistance is small and it’s not easy to heat and wear, which are suitable for higher speeds, what’s more the copper worm gears can effectively absorb vibration and reduce noise.

    When you need heavy load, high speed and stable transmission conditions, we recommend to use HSE series heavy duty copper worm gear slewing drives.

    We make standard and custom slew drives, slewing bearings, stainless steel slew drives, aluminum housing slew drives, waterproof slew drives, bipolar slew drives, etc suitable for different working conditions. You can add our wechat: +86 18637905181 or write E-mail: sales@u-transmission.com to us with your requirements, we'll give you prompt reply.


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