external gear slewing drive S-III-O-0555

  • Introduction of external gear slewing drive used on heavy machinery and equipment


    Model: S-III-O-0555

    Type: external gear spur gear slewing drive

    Slewing drive gear ratio: 5.80

    Rated output torque: 22KN.M

    Rotation center diameter: 555mm

    Total height with adapter flange: 142mm

    Gear backlash ≤0.3mm


    S-III-O-0555 external gear spur gear slewing drives are used in heavy machinery and equipment to rotate workpieces. The slewing drives have a small load, but have a large tilting moment during use. The installation space of the equipment is relatively limited, slewing drives with a large slewing center diameter cannot be used. After comprehensive consideration, the model 0555 of the heavy-duty series was finally selected.


    Heavy-duty series slewing drive slewing bearings adopt thickened design, steel balls adopt larger specifications, housings adopt thickened design, flange positioning pins adopt reinforced design, these designs can significantly increase the slewing drives’ tilting moment, pinions and gear rings adopt teeth with a modulus of 8 and the teeth are quenched to increase the wear resistance and impact resistance of the tooth surface, which is suitable for customers’ frequent start and stop conditions. The customer’s motor flanges are special. If want to connect with our slewing drives directly, can only be realized by embedding bolts into the slewing drive flanges.


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