Customized WEA28-2 double worm slewing drive

  • Customized WEA28-2 double worm shaft slewing drive for special vehicles


    Model: WEA28-2

    Type: Double worm shaft slewing drive

    Slewing drive gear ratio: 110

    Rated output torque: 70Kn.M

    Rotation center diameter: 730mm

    Total height with adapter flange: 183mm

    Gear backlash ≤0.3mm


    The WEA28-2 double worm shaft customized slewing drives are used in special vehicles, customer requires adapter flanges, hydraulic motors and with balancing valves. Once we received customer’s requirements, Unique Transmission designed this type of double worm shaft slewing drives for customer.


    In order to meet the customer’s output torque requirements, we chose to design double worm shaft slewing drives with self-locking function. When slewing drives work, one worm shaft rotates clockwise and the other worm shaft rotates counterclockwise.


    Use a hydraulic pump station to drives two hydraulic motors to work simultaneously, the hydraulic motors are used in parallel, the motors must be well synchronized to smoothly drive the double worm shaft self-locking slewing drives.


    The slewing bearings adopt 42CrMo tempering, the worm shafts adopt 42CrMo tempering teeth quenching and grinding process, the housings use QT450-10 to ensure stability while having high strength and certain toughness.


    The supporting bearings select the domestic first-line brand, the hydraulic motors select BMV500, provide enough output torque to meet customers’ high torque requirements, motors are equipped with balance valves, which are more stable in use and the rotation of the two motors is more synchronized.


    All parts are produced in strict accordance with the drawings and assembled after passing the inspection, due to the reasonable design, precise processing size of the parts, one-time assembly has been done and product qualified, meeting customer requirements, the rotation of the slewing drives is flexible and no noise, the overall accuracy is very good, the center distance cannot be adjusted during the double worm shaft slewing drive assembly, the matching size requirements are relatively strict, the matching size must be strictly controlled during the design and processing process, otherwise there will be problems during assembly and difficult to solve it.


    Unique Transmission has mature technology in the design, production and assembly of the double worm shaft slewing drive, which is the guarantee for providing customers with qualified slewing drives.

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