RU85 precision slewing drive

  • RU85 precision crossed roller external gear slewing drive

    Model: RU85 slewing drive

    Type: precision crossed roller slewing drive

    Slewing drive gear ratio: 5

    Rated output torque: 200N.M

    Rotation center diameter: 85mm

    Total height with adapter flange: 62mm

    Gear backlash ≤0.15mm


    The RU85 precision crossed roller external gear slewing drives are used in automation equipment. The customer requires a small load, low speed, limited installation space, slewing drive max weight is 5Kg, slewing drives have strict requirements for runout and require negative clearance. According to customer requirements, Unique Transmission has designed RU85 precision crossed roller external gear slewing drives for customers.


    These slewing drives adopt high precision crossed roller bearings with axial and radial runout 5um negative clearance, which meet the customer’s rotation accuracy requirements. According to small load, low speed and small size, we choose to use module 2 small module teeth, on the one hand to improve the transmission accuracy, on the other hand, can have a relatively ideal gear ratio, finally the slewing drives gear ratio is 5. In order to reduce weight, the gear rings adopt a weight reduction design, housings are made of 6061 duralumin. The weight evaluated at the design stage is just 5Kg, and the finished products are also weighed at 5Kg to meet the customer’s weight requirements.


    Unique Transmission has once again designed and manufactured small and micro slewing drives that meet customer requirements, at the same time, we have a new idea for the design and manufacturer of high precision slewing drives. Through continuous efforts, Unique Transmission has met more and more special requirements of customers. When we have done enough special designs, then special designs will become the daily work of Unique Transmission. We are a team that is brave in innovation and continuous improvement.

    We make standard and custom slew drives, slewing bearings, stainless steel slew drives, aluminum housing slew drives, waterproof slew drives, bipolar slew drives, etc suitable for different working conditions. You can add our wechat: +86 18637905181 or write E-mail: to us with your requirements, we'll give you prompt reply.

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