Medium load series slewing drives are widely used in the field

  • Medium load series slewing drives are widely used in the field of automation equipment

    Model: S-II-O-0311 

    Type: spur gear slewing drive

    Slewing drive gear ratio: 4.60

    Rated output torque: 6600N.M

    Rotation center diameter: 311mm

    Total height with adapter flange: 148mm

    Gear backlash ≤0.20mm

    S-II-O-0311 spur gear slewing drives used in industrial automation equipment of production line, according to the requirements of tilting moment, load, rotation accuracy and other requirements provided by customers, Unique Transmission engineers provide customers with this medium load series of small slewing drive products.

    Compared with the light load series slewing drives, the medium load series slewing drives have larger torque and tilting moment, the medium load series slewing drives have smaller installation spaces than the heavy load series slewing drives, the tooth surfaces have processed 2-3 times, which ensure the accuracies and save the costs compared with grinding.

    Medium load series spur gear slewing drive is the middle series of Unique Transmission products, they can guarantee impact resistance and small installation space, many customers who make industrial automation choose the medium load series of products.

    The engineers of Unique Transmission Design Department have very rich experience in adaptation selection in the field of industrial automation, they can calculate, design and select suitable slewing drives according to the customers’ working conditions and make 3D drawings for customers to adapt and install them on their machines, which ensure the stability of the product




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