Slewing Drive Selection Guide

  • Slewing Drive Selection Guide

    Slewing drive products can be divided into open type and closed type according to the closed condition of the transmission. According to different transmission forms, they can be divided into gear type and worm gear type. U-TRSM has these types of products and users need to make choices based on their application requirements and use environment.

    Generally, the closed structure is used in humid, medium dust or corrosive gas environment and those with high environmental protection requirements that do not allow the leakage of lubricating grease. The closed environment can effectively prevent impurities from entering the slewing drive body and improve the machine service life. However, when there is too much dust in the environment and the slewing drive is completely placed in the dust, the sealing parts that play a role of sealing will accelerate wear and quickly fail. At this time, the closed environment may not be convenient for maintenance and parts replacement. However, it is more appropriate to use open structure slewing drive with the selection of tooth surface hardening to improve the durability of the parts. In addition, the open structure is convenient for cleaning impurities. If the use and maintenance can be done well, it may not have a shorter life than the closed structure, so all factors must be considered comprehensively in the process of product selection.

    In order to meet the diversified needs of the construction machinery field for full circle slewing drive products, U-TRSM has developed slewing drive that can be adapted to the use of construction machinery. It can be used on crane, lifting machinery and excavator tooling attachments. The specially designed slewing drive for construction machinery overcomes the shortcomings of low efficiency and large wear of the original worm gear worm shaft transmission, combined with the heavy-duty characteristics of the envelope worm drive, the volume of various construction machinery can be further reduced and the efficiency further improved. For low-speed and heavy-load excavator tooling and lifting, hoisting machinery, we recommend to use Unique Transmission enveloping worm slewing drive.

    Cylindrical worm gear worm shaft transmission is the oldest traditional worm gear worm shaft transmission form. Its characteristic is that the worm gear worm shaft still has good strength while maintaining a large speed gear ratio and compact structure. In the medium load and high energy efficiency occasions, ordinary cylindrical worm gear worm shaft slewing drive is a good choice.

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