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The Slewing Drive Solution Of The Unique Transmission

  • The worm gear slewing drive of the Unique Transmission includes two categories: cylindrical worms and envelope worms. The cylindrical worms are suitable for medium-speed and heavy-duty applications, while envelope worms are suitable for low-speed, heavy-duty and high-precision applications. The worm gear slewing drive can be self-locked, which can provide basic safety guarantee in the field of dynamic movement and further simplify the overall design of the equipment, it is a superior industrial accessory.


    The enveloping worm slewing drive of Unique Transmission is entirely derived from its own technology, processing technology is unique, processing process is fully CNC controlled. Therefore, the product quality is extremely controllable, the manufacturing accuracy is much higher than that of similar products, the performance of the finished product is also much higher than other similar products. In addition to the finalized products, the envelope worm and the matching worm gear can be flexibly optimized and configured according to user needs. According to different usage requirements and environments, the Unique transmission envelope worm can be made of a variety of materials and can be subjected to a variety of special heat treatments to make the product more durable in terms of user needs. For field environments such as solar and wind energy applications that require long-term maintenance and operation, this type of rotary drive product is the best choice.


    The geared slewing drive products of U-TRSM are suitable for high-speed, medium-load and high-speed light-load conditions, especially suitable for light-load tooling equipment of construction machinery. Both open and closed types are available. The main parts are processed by standard heat treatment and fine CNC equipment and through the structure and strength optimization design. You can choose the high-durability type with hardened tooth surface, or the more economical ordinary type. This product has good economics, simple and convenient maintenance and low follow-up maintenance costs. It is the best choice for installation of civilian products.

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