The Basic Technology Introduction About Slewing Drive

  • The slewing drive is a special rotary reduction product derived from the slewing ring product with high integration and large gear ratio, simple structure, easy use and maintenance, because the slewing ring is used as the follower and the frame basis, the inner and outer rings of the slewing ring are used to realize the input and output of the driving power respectively, so that the slewing drive can not only achieve 360 degree rotation without a dead point, but also can install a driving power source on the basis of the slewing ring frame at the same time, so its transmission efficiency is high, it’s a new member of the mechanical transmission device family. Also because it is essentially a speed reducer, it can also be called rotary reducer, slewing ring reducer or drive slewing ring.


    Slewing drive can be divided into gear drive and worm gear worm shaft drive according to different transmission forms.According to the different closed form of worm gear , it can be divided into open and closed two types. The simplest form of slewing drive is used in excavators and tower cranes drive slewing rings on construction machinery products, as the last link of the reduction transmission chain, this slew drive is open type gear transmission, its front end also needs to be equipped with a planetary reducer with a large gear ratio as its power input, so it can only be called the prototype of slewing drive.


    In order to expand the application range of such products and further improve the convenience of product use and maintenance, a slewing drive with integrated worm gear worm shaft transmission has been developed. In order to further improve the drive capacity of the product, the enveloping worm shaft transmission is also applied to such products. The slewing drive equipped with an envelope worm not only increases the driving torque, but also improves the driving accuracy. It can also be digitally controlled. Therefore, it is widely used in tracking and fine-tuning devices on solar and wind power generation equipment. In addition, it has good application effects in the fields of robots, radar, low-speed heavy-duty lifting equipment, lifting equipment and precision CNC turntables.


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