slewing drive series

  • Our spur gear slewing drives have 3 series, 23 models in total to choose from, which can meet the needs of light load, medium load and heavy load. If our standard model products cannot meet your needs, you can also contact us and our engineers will design and customize a special spur gear slew drive for you.

    We not only produce and sell products, but also provide unique slewing solutions. The engineers of Unique Transmission have rich design experience, can provide professional, personalized and diversified designs to help customers make creative products in the industry!

    The following is a special slew drive 3D model designed by U-TRSM. Maybe you can find a suitable slew drive. You can also get in touch with our engineers to customize your own slew drives.

    We make standard and custom slewing drives, slewing bearings, stainless steel slewing drives, aluminum housing slewing drives, waterproof slewing drives, bipolar slewing drives, etc suitable for different working conditions. You can add our wechat: +86 18637905181 or write E-mail: to us with your requirements, we'll give you prompt reply.