Such innovation can also be sampled

  • He hopes that, in the future, the government will also create ‘food truck zones’ in certain prime spots and allocate days for different food trucks to set up shop there. Yash informs us that Bombay Food Truck will be presenting two of their specials, the pav bhajji roll, complete with sev and cheese and Bombay Dogs, which are desi-styled hot dogs.Along with drawing attention to food trucks, Nirav hopes that this event will also help bring joy to the over 650 differently-abled children looked after by the Earthangels Welfare Foundation.” Kia’s Food Carnival will also be selling chicken pani puri, dabeli and its equally famous ‘goti soda’, which, if you jog your memory, you’ll remember is the kind sold in bottles sealed by a single marble. While the NMFTF promises to serve up an interesting mix of dishes, the festival also aims to China Cookie Depositing Machine Manufacturers create awareness about an offering that can make our fast-paced lives better – food trucks. Not only do they provide quick meals, the food served is also hygienic and reasonably priced.Niraj Agarwal, Founder of Weexpress Media, explains why he is eager to draw attention towards this ‘food on wheels’ phenomenon. This eclectic mix of foodpreneurs will present some unique dishes, made especially for the festival.

    Such innovation can also be sampled at the Vada Pav fair, which is part of the NMFTF.Apart from featuring food trucks, The NMFTF will also give a platform to start-ups, home chefs, women entrepreneurs and emerging brands to showcase their culinary creations. We want them to be made legal so that they can operate in different parts of the city without interference from politicians or law enforcement officials,” shares Niraj. “Problems arise because food trucks move from place to place. It’s perfect for people who need to grab a quick lunch and head to work or college,” says Yash. Yash Vachhani, who runs the city’s first and largest food truck, Bombay Food Truck, along with his brother Ashish Sajnani, explains why legal permissions have not been forthcoming.Happening today and tomorrow at Tandel Grounds, Seawoods end-of Tags: nmftf, chicken vada pav. So there is confusion over the kind of permissions that should be granted.

    The minute we open the bottle, you’ll be dealt a happy surprise,” adds Dipali. “This is how it works abroad and we’re hoping such a model will be replicated in Mumbai too, so that people can enjoy good food on-the-go,” adds Yash. Four vendors will present different kinds of vada pavs, like chicken, paneer, schezwan vada pav and the regular variety. One of the cooks suggested we try something ‘local’ and that’s how the idea to create a chicken vada pav came about. “We try to serve every dish within 8-10 minutes of placing the order. “While food trucks are not new and have been around for almost three years now, they haven’t been legalised yet.Pav bhajji rollFood trucks, however, act as timely ‘hunger saviours’ especially for those on the move. “Because of a goof-up at one of the events, we had a lot of chicken kheema left over. “This is a fund-raising event and we hope to use the money to conduct fun activities for the children at Earthangels Welfare Foundation.

    “But our goti soda is slightly different.Chicken vada pavDipali More, founder of Kia’s Food Carnival, tells us how her famous chicken vada pav came about. Plus, you get to see the food being prepared. If you’re in the mood to tease your taste buds and tummy, head to the Navi Mumbai Food Truck Festival (NMFTF), organised by WeExpress Media under the banner of The Bhukkad Flea.Food festivals are a lot like mammoth buffets, they offer a variety of delectable dishes and can only be thoroughly enjoyed if you’re brave enough to loosen your drawstring. Apart from digging into such delightful dishes, you can also participate in a pani puri eating contest and a grape stomping activity, among other things. Also, some people fear that food trucks will capture the market and eat into the market share of existing food outlets,” explains Yash. Our aim is to spread joy and we do this by taking the children from the NGO for movies, to the museum or just spending the day with them, like we would with our families,” Niraj trails off