The latest episode of World of Warcraft.

  • World of Warcraft players has been fighting evil jailers since the beginning of the Kingdom of Shadows. Even so, the Ruling Temple raid is the first time we need to spend a lot of time fighting. The raid ended with a battle with the former hero of the Horde, Sylvanas Windrunner because she made sure that the jailer could carry out his dark plan. To continue the battle, players need to choose Buy TBC WOW Classic Gold. Despite the high fantasy background, the supernatural realm of death, in addition to the orchestral music throughout, the final movie feels more like a passion than a scene in Warcraft.

    Sylvanas Windrunner is usually a character in Warcraft 3 and one of the most popular characters in the Warcraft series. She is an elven ranger, killed by the rune blade Frostmourne, and then promoted to the undead banshee. Since then, Sylvanas has become unpredictable. She is ruthless and good at revenge, and this is accelerated by the expansion of the legion. She started the expansion of the battle for Azeroth with a fierce genocide. In addition, since then, her villain has grown bigger and bigger.

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    In the Kingdom of Shadows, her team programmed all the jailers. We know very little about the jailer and the fact that she was exiled by his brothers and sisters to rule the super hell. But in the raid on the ruling temple, the jailer won. He caught McGuffin, powered on, and delivered his villain monologue. Because of the important role of Sylvanas, players always need to choose Buy Cheap TBC WOW Classic Gold from the store. Sylvanas finally realized that wearing a skull is likely to extend this treatment to her.

    The jailer was very interested in soul juice because he didn't seem to be overly annoyed by her betrayal. Instead, he threw her a certain type of crystal and then calmed down. When Sylvanas raised her head, she was now opening a pair of blue eyes, seeming to be very committed to stopping the jailer. Sylvanas has two souls, one is simple and benevolent, and the other is malicious. Uther also died from the sudden Frostmourne, and he experienced a double soul problem that he was forced to solve before. Sylvanas' wife lived in a crystal, and the jailer gave her the crystal and put it in her mortal shell.