Leadership and Management

  • The need for distinction between leadership and management was not apparent prior to reading the article by Ellis and Abbott. The article addresses not only theoretical perspectives but provides food for thought about different practical aspects of leading and managing teams in healthcare setting. For example, a list of differences between managers and leaders presents an overview of features that distinguish leaders from managers. The practical value of this list lies in the fact that it provides insight into drivers and dynamics that govern the responsibilities of each position. Thus, leaders can learn to be better managers, and managers can learn to be better leaders. Also, the list of characteristics of good leaders is a useful assessment tool. However, not only leaders can assess themselves and their performance, but other health care professionals can evaluate their leaders and find out what it takes to step into a leadership role.

    There are several lessons that health care professionals can learn from the article. One important notion that authors express is that leadership skills can be learned and taught, and leadership positions are not reserved only for those who are naturally gifted to be leaders. Another important lesson is that vision, passion, and good communication skills are the attributes of effective leaders. Authors emphasize that a person's ability to maintain clear communication in difficult situations is the characteristic of a true leader. One more important lesson learned from the article is that health care professional can adopt particular leadership and management techniques depending on the circumstances, performance standard, and efficiency of the team. Therefore, leader can choose between authoritative, collaborative, and participation leadership styles when managing his or her team. Finally, article teaches that it is critically important to provide opportunities for growth, in order to develop team members and help them reach their full potential.

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