Taxi With Baby Seat Melbourne 


    Its importance is such that traffic officers can currently immobilize the vehicle if you are traveling with minors and the Taxi With Baby Seat Melbourne is not available.
    Where are car seats installed?
    Child restraint systems will always be installed in the vehicle by the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
    They indicate how and in what type of vehicles they can be used safely. The recommendation is that whenever possible, these systems are installed in the opposite direction to the march, especially for children under 15 months.
    Minors of a height similar to or less than 135 cm work an approved child restraint system duly adjusted to their size and weight. They must sit in the rear seats except in the following three exceptions:

    ⦁ When the vehicle does not have rear seats
    ⦁ When other minors of the same characteristics already occupy all the rear seats
    ⦁ When it is not possible to install all child restraint systems in these seats.
    The Baby Taxi 24 has all the services available with them.