Falling in Love with King’s Cross is So Easy!

  • The area in the Northern Part of central London, famous for so many things happening, is none other than the King’s Cross. This neighborhood has changed drastically over time, and visitors cannot help but obsess over it a lot.   

    It’s a great place to shop, eat, drink and explore. There are all kinds of new development here, from the train stations like King’s Cross and St. Pancras all the way up to Granary Square and some of the new areas along the canal. There’s history here, too; it’s not all new, and there’s a lot to explore and discover.   

    Once you are in the place and left luggage King’s Cross, you cannot wait to go around the area. It is unique in that it has two major train stations in London, both of which have been refurbished and renovated lately.  


    They’re stunning to see and are the highlight of the neighborhood, even if you’re not traveling away from them. Kings Cross station is famous for two things  

    1. it’s stunning Western concourse roof which was unveiled in 2011 and   

    1. its connections to Harry Potter. Platform 9nd 3/4 can be found here, and you can take pictures in front of it.  

    Pancras International is famous for being where trains depart from Europe. It’s also renowned for its Gothic Revival style Hotel, which is mesmerizing to look at. There’s also a Harry Potter shop in the station across the street from Kings Cross stations.  


    There is a number of shops and restaurants inside too, just north of the station. Pancras Square is a great place to relax, eat, drink, and generally enjoy the area. It’s been redeveloped in recent years, and there’s a lot to see and do in the shop here. After you have left luggage at King’s Cross, you can just take a walk through the place and experience all the magic.   


    Next to Pancras is Kings Boulevard, which is a great place to shop in the area. Just north of Kings Boulevard, you’ll get to Regent’s Canal. This waterway runs through central London and is a great place to take a walk taking the boats or shop there are lots to do and see here, and it’s a fun place to spend an afternoon.  

    Indubitably, the canal boat-turned bookshop called Word on the Water will be the favorite spot for book lovers. It’s a fun place to browse a new title. Just above the bookshop and canal is Granary Square. It’s surrounded by restaurants, markets, galleries, and all kinds of other highlights. So, if you have nothing to do and have left luggage at King’s Cross, you can spend some quality time here.  


    And along the canal, another new Park in Kings Cross is Lewis Cubitt square. It’s surrounded by a lot of the latest and contemporary architecture in Kings Cros. It also has a nearby market and makes a great place to sit, relax and soak up the Sun.   

    If you prefer the historical side of things, you’re not far away from St. Pancras Gardens. They show off the historic Kings Cross, and the green space comes complete with the churchyard of St. Pancras. Some people believe it is an old church that is one of the oldest Christian worship sites in England.  

    This place is famous for the hardy tree- an ash tree grown up around stocks of historic tombstones and connected to 19th century English writer Thomas Hardy. Back to the new areas, cold drops yard is a shopping and retail complex set in railway arches.  

    It’s got unique shops, restaurants, cafes, and other places to sit, walk, relax and dine. Cold drops yard has some of the best independent shops, design stores, and other retail highlights of any place in London.   

    When you have left luggage at King’s Cross, half of your burden gets away. Then, you can enjoy with ease and cherish all the happy moments creating memories for a lifetime. And the best thing is that you can find anything and everything at King’s Cross. From shopping, scenic visuals, calming waters, and intriguing books, you can find all needed for your trip to be an amazing one.