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Back pain: What Are The Possible Treatments?

  • Back pain is the second most common reason for people to visit their doctor, with 80% of us suffering from some form of back pain in our lives. This can range from an irritating distraction that makes it difficult to feel comfortable during the working day, to excruciating pain which means that you struggle to sleep, even when using a memory foam mattress. For some, back pain can even become so severe that it can prevent them from remaining mobile. It is important that you take any kind of back pain seriously and seek professional back pain treatment for your condition, however minor you may think it is.




    Common Symptoms of Lower Back Problems:


    The identification of lower back pain issues may include;


    Persistent dull pain:


    Pain that stays for longer within the low back is generally referred to as dull and aching rather than burning, stinging, or sharp. This type of pain can stay along with mild or severe muscle spasms, limited mobility, and pain in the hips and pelvis.


    Extended pain to the buttocks legs and feet:


    Sometimes patients complain of a sharp, stinging, tingling, or numb sensation that runs down the thighs and into the legs and feet also known as sciatica. It is generally caused by irritation of the sciatica nerve and is felt only on one side of the body.


    There are many chiropractic clinics that can offer a range of low back pain treatments for your back pain, meaning that you no longer have to endure uncomfortable days and nights.




    1. Spinal adjustment is one of the core chiropractic treatments and is a proven back pain treatment. Chiropractic back treatment is a hands-on therapy that will effectively soothe your pain without the use of drugs or surgery. Spinal adjustment can help to relieve stress from your spine, muscles, and joints, and encourages your body to better heal itself. This results in a feeling of increased energy as your body become better aligned and your aches and pains begin to fade.


    1. Physiotherapy complements other chiropractic treatments by using massage and exercise therapy to treat your back pain whether it is caused by whiplash, poor posture, or stress. Always look for a physiotherapist who is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and registered with the Health Professionals Council, so you can ensure that your back will be in safe hands.



    1. Low-level laser therapy treatment may be suitable if you find that painkillers and cold packs are simply not solving your back pain problems. This non-invasive, non-harmful therapy uses laser light energy to stimulate your cells to function healthily and encourages tissue healing. It is proven to result in reduced swelling and stiffness and maybe the ideal back pain treatment for your condition.


    With such effective therapies available, it is unnecessary for you to endure back pain and allow it to affect your quality of life. There are many experienced chiropractic clinics around, so you will be sure to find a back specialist who can offer the back pain treatment you are looking for. Chiropractic treatment can offer you freedom from back pain, at last, allowing you to look forward to painless days and restful nights.


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