What to consider in a pain management clinic?

  • Do you know that about 1 in 4 Americans suffer from chronic pain that lasts for more than 24 hours? The reliable solution is turning to pain management clinics. A large number of people with chronic pain are choosing these clinics for good reason. Best back doctor NYC can make a real difference in decreasing your pain and helping you live more productively. However, all pain clinics are not created equal. Keep these questions in mind when choosing a pain management clinic. 


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    Are the specialists board certified in pain management?
    Treatment for chronic pain is complicated and hence the research is evolving. Best spine doctor NYC have expertise knowledge in physiology of pain, they use diagnostic tests to pinpoint the cause and optimize most appropriate medications to treat it. They know how to use pain relieving procedures such as spinal injections and nerve blocks. A doctor has to complete a fellowship to be certified as a pain specialist. Fellowship is a type of training beyond the residency. Before you book a consultation, check if the doctor is certified by recognized organization. 

    Does the center have experience treating particular types of pain?
    Cancer pain is different from rheumatoid arthritis pain, which is different from migraines. Check if the back specialist clinic you are considering has doctors with experience treating your particular kind of pain. Find out how many years of experience the clinic has and what type of procedures they use. 

    Does the clinic provide different treatment options?
    People feel pain differently and respond differently to procedures. You may feel relief after steroid injection while another may need spinal cord stimulation to get relief. Though opioid medications have a good role in pain treatment, they also create serious risks. If a center focuses mainly on opioid prescriptions, you will have to look elsewhere. 

    Are you comfy with your doctor? 
    You and your sciatica specialist NYC need to be on the same nerve to get good results. You will want to feel that your doctor respects you, knows your pain and can help solve your issues. 

    Does the center offer an all-inclusive treatment program?
    In many cases, patients with chronic pain need lots of specialists on their team to get relief. Sometimes you may need physical therapy to make your muscles strong so that you can move with less pain. You may need special procedures like chiropractic or acupuncture care. If you think your pain causes depression or anxiety, you may need the help of a counselor. 

    Check if the back pain doctor NYC clinic understands the necessity of involving experts from various specialties to treat you as a whole person. They should be ready to refer you to other professionals in complementary fields. Some doctors may have those professionals available at their clinic. Check if the specialists at the clinic are happy to talk with you and answer your doubts. Also check if the clinic accepts your insurance plans. Make an appointment at the most reliable clinic and take the initial step toward getting back to life. 


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