Cash App won't let me cash-out, what to do?

  • Have you been facing the issue of Cash App won't let me cash out money? Well, you are not alone, as many users are unable to cash out money from Cash App. There can be so many different reasons for this problem. It is possible that Cash App is not allowing you to transfer money from your account due to any violation of its terms of service, or maybe you have exceeded the Cash App sending limit


    However, no matter for what reason, your Cash App cash-out is pending. The point is that you can get the solution for this here in this blog. So let's begin, but before this, you need to learn how Cash App cash-out works.


    Steps to cash-out money from Cash App: 


    • Open the Cash App on your mobile phone.

    • Select the Balance tab on the home screen 

    • Press the Cash-out button 

    • Enter the amount that you want to cash-out 

    • Choose the Cash-out speed ( Standard or Instant) 

    • Finally, confirm your identity by touch screen or entering the PIN.


    So why won't Cash App let me cash out money?


    Although with all the measures mentioned above, you can easily cash out money on your Cash App account. However, sometimes, there might be issues with it. Cash App monitors users' accounts and keeps an eye on all kinds of transactions. 


    For instance, if a fraudulent transaction occurs on your account, then Cash App deliberately cancels it. This is done to protect you from any kinds of scams or overcharges. So Cash App won't let you send money for your protection only. Additionally, there can be many other reasons behind due to which Cash App won't let you cash out


    • Whenever you cash-out money from Cash App to your bank account, you must enter a few required details such as bank account number or name. If you enter any of these details incorrectly, then Cash App cash-out fails

    • If you have linked a debit that has expired or which does not have your name, then you won't be able to cash out money with it. 

    • With completing Cash App account verification, you can send only a limited amount of money, so if Cash App cash-out will remain pending unless you don't verify your account. 




    If your Cash App cash-out failed, then any amount deducted from your account will get a refund of your account. It may take around three days for Cash App to refund money to your cash app account or bank balance. However, if you don't get the Cash App refund even after three days, you can reach out to the Cash App customer service and complain about this.