How to get the unemployment stimulus check faster with Cash App

  • Under the CARES Act in the Unites States corona relief package and stimulus checks are sent to Americans. As per the Internal Revenue Service IRS, the “Direct deposit is the safest and fastest way to receive a payment, including a tax refund,”

    So this prompted many questions about how to receive stimulus checks and tax refunds with direct deposit.


    If you are wondering the same and want to know how to get the Cash App direct deposit unemployment, here is an accurate guide.


    As the US government has approved the Cash App direct deposit stimulus checks the fastest way, you will receive it through a direct deposit bank account. Cash App allows users to receive the tax refund, stimulus checks, and unemployment benefits via direct deposit. However, to get this, you need to take some steps.


    How to get your stimulus check direct deposited via Cash App?


    Most people will be able to receive the Cash App direct deposit stimulus checks with easy steps. The essential requirement is that you must a Cash App account. Apart from this, you should have the Cash App card.

    For receiving the Cash App direct deposit unemployment packages, you must enable direct deposit on your Cash App account with the help of below-mentioned steps:


    1. Log into your Cash App account

    2. Click on the Balance tab

    3. Here you will see the option of direct deposit click on it

    4. Then choose the Enable direct deposit and Get account or routing number options

    5. After this you will see the account or routing number on the screen 


    How to set-up direct deposit with the IRS for second stimulus checks?


    Most taxpayers will be able to view their payment status using these steps. You will have to provide some information to the IRS department and share the account the account or routing number to receive the stimulus checks:

    1. Go to to get to the official IRS site.*
    2. Click Get My Payment.
    3. Read the system usage alert message and click OK.
    4. Enter your personal information (Social Security number, date of birth, and address from your tax return) and then continue
    5. Find your stimulus payment status information. (If your status says “Payment Status Not Available,” read the next section for more details.)


    What to do if Cash App direct deposit unemployment failed?

    So if the direct deposit stimulus check failed, you need to take some troubleshooting steps to fix this issue. Here are some of the tips for you:

    • Re-check the account or routing number that you shared with the IRS
    • Contact you Bank maybe the server is down.
    • Make sure that you are eligible for the stimulus checks or the tax refunds.
    • Update the Cash App on your mobile phone

    After checking all this, it seems to you that everything is working correctly, and the cash App unemployment directdeposit is pending. In such condition, you should immediately contact the Cash App customer support, here you will get the help for all the issues you are having.