Path of Exile (3. 12) : Some questions about Heist Intel

  • What is intel?

    Intel is something that's gained automatically when you turn in Artifacts you've retrieved from Heists and is essential in the planning of Grand Heists. To use the intel that has been gathered from Heists you've run, simply take the Blueprint to Whakano, the Barber and pay him (in both intel and markers) to reveal parts of the Blueprint for you.

    What can an Intel use for?

    Intel is used to run a Grand Heist.

    How to get to Intel?

    Completing Heists is essential for gaining intel. While failing at a Heist, you can’t gather intel from the Heist.

    Is my Heist intel and Rogue skill experience shared between my characters?

    Yes, your Heist progress is shared by your characters in each league.

    Intel resources in party play work

    When you run a Heist in a party, multiple Artifacts will be available to steal, assigned to each party member. You’ll also each gain intel and Rogue experience if you succeed at the Heist. Another benefit is that if you die and drop your contraband, your party member can collect it for you and then share it if they’re nice.

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