Path of Exile 3.12: New Void Skill Effects - Desecrate

  • Desecrate is a spell that summons corpses and a patch of desecrated ground, which deals chaos damage to all enemies in the area.


    Skill functions and interactions

    • Note that the levels stated beneath are maximum levels of the corpses created by Desecrate. The real level of the spawned corpses is still capped by the zone level.
    • Desecrate's chaos damage over time is not increased by bonuses to spell damage. It is affected by bonuses to chaos damage, damage over time, and area damage. When linked to the Trap Support gem it is affected by trap-related modifiers, and linked to a Spell Totem Support gem it is affected by totem-related modifiers.
    • Raise Spectre: Desecrate may also spawn corpses which can be raised as spectres the player can bring into a zone. Desecrate also has a corpse spawn table based on the monsters found in the area. In areas without monsters, a specific table is used.
    • Spell Cascade Support: causes Desecrate to spawn the maximum of 10 corpses at one cast. Because this skill is mainly used to create corpses, the penalties of Spell Cascade like reduced AoE or reduced damage are irrelevant.
    • When Triggered by Cast when Damage Taken Support alongside an Offering, corpses will not be consumed on the first trigger, as corpses must exist at the time of corpse consuming skills triggering to function.
    • Totems share a pool of 10 corpses with each other, and most likely the player.
    • On a PC, you can press and hold the "A" key to see the type of corpse when you hover your mouse over it.

    Upgrade paths

    This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

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