A Guide to Write an Excellent Narrative Essay

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    A narrative essay describes a series of events, experiences, Assignment Help conflicts and settings. It is just like telling a story. You may write a narrative essay to share your personal experience. Narrative essays are creative, unlike most forms of academic writing which require you to be formal. Narrative essay writing tests your creativity and your ability to express a story clearly and interestingly. Here’s a short guide to writing an excellent narrative essay.


     #1 Understand the purpose of writing a narrative essay

    A narrative essay is written not only to inform the reader about the essay topic but also to engage them in your story. You may include humour, thriller, sympathy, fear, anger and many other emotions in a narrative essay to convey your message. So, nursing homework help before you write a personal essay, you must have an agenda of how you want your readers to feel once they read your essay.


    #2 Three elements of a narrative essay

    A narrative essay includes three main elements: character, theme, and dialogue. Martin, who works as an assignment helper describes the three main elements of a narrative essay as given below:

    • You must develop certain characters and identify what personalities they have, what are their habits, thinking patterns etc. just like novels and stories.
    • Then, you must think of a theme around which your essay will revolve. For example, if you are writing a narrative essay about starting a new job. Your theme could be new beginnings.
    • Lastly, you need to include an element of communication between the various characters in your essay.


    #3 Write in the first person

    Narrative essays are personal. So if you are portraying that you are telling the story, use the first person. For example, if you are writing an essay about your birthday party, then you may write something like this, “I was shattered as nobody called me to wish me on my birthday and was about to switch my phone off when, suddenly, the doorbell rang. They remembered! All my friends were at my door to surprise me…”


    #4 Use descriptive words

    “She was sitting beside her window, watching the gorgeous sunset and drinking coffee. The setting sun reminded her how tomorrow will be a new day, a new chance to change her life.” Did you just imagine the scenario? swift programming assignment help Narrative essays must include the element of imagery. The reader must be able to imagine how things happened and that can be achieved only by including descriptive words and adjectives. For example, adventurous, conventional, miserable, powerless, stunning, verdant etc.


    #5 Editing your narrative essay

    Do not start editing just after finishing writing. Distance yourself a bit and give yourself some time to refresh your mind. Start with one thing at a time. For instance, at first, read your essay to find complex sentences and shorten them into simple sentences. Then, you may look for just grammatical errors. Then, you may look for misplaced or missing punctuations. Remove redundancy from your essay and if you have included any citations, make sure that you have used the correct format.


    This was a short guide that will help you in creating an excellent narrative essay. If you think you are unable to work on your essay, sas homework answers do not hesitate and seek narrative essay help from a professional essay writer.