Marine Battery by OZZYPOWER

  • The marine battery one that meets your needs is the best, and you can continue to have it as long as you have your ship at a reasonable cost. Marine batteries combine the best of both automobile and deep cycle batteries. In addition, they are used for long-term use on trolling motors and golf carts.

    Marine batteries have large cranking amps to get the motor started, but they also must have the ability to run continuously for many hours, just like a deep cycle battery. There are three types of batteries that you should consider before buying anything.

    A marine electrical system starts with a battery that will supply the electricity for the boat. The system is usually 12 volt DC (direct current) but can be 6 volts, 12 volts or 24 volts, depending on how many and what type of marine batteries the system is designed for.

    Marine wiring is a two-wire system. One wire goes from the battery to the light or instrument to be used and a second wire returns to the battery from the light or instrument to complete the circuit. In a Direct Current system, the electricity flows only in one direction.

    The electricity flows from the battery to the light and then back to the battery. Therefore, each item used will have two wires, one to get power to it, and one to return the electricity. This is a very simple explanation of how a boat is wired.

    Marine Battery were designed for boat use and have thicker plates and a solid structure to withstand vibrations and hammering. However, marine batteries are more expensive than auto batteries. This may make it tempting for some boat owners to buy a vehicle battery instead.

    Type of Marine Battery:

    1. AGM batteries recharge very fast, are secured and leak-proof, and take a good deal of abuse. Lead-acid batteries may also be sealed and created maintenance-free. The time to recharge a lead-acid battery is involving the gel cell as well as the AGM.

    2. Deep cycle marine batteries would be those which were made for constant use for lengthy intervals. All three kinds of marine batteries (lead-acid, AGM, gel cell) may be profound cycles, but more individuals prefer AGM and contribute acid than gel cells. When you have a look at the pricing for marine batteries, you will understand a wide range.

    Marine Cranking Amps, Cold Cranking Amps and Reserve Capacity data is also often given. These numbers tell you they respond under a load condition and it lets you compare batteries of the same physical size with each other. The boat motor on the boat will determine what cranking amps are required to start the motor.