Sex Therapy Canberra

  •  Sex and lovemaking can be the most delicious or dissatisfying part of your life and your relationship.

    Sex is about so many things; Love, fun, eroticism, lust, connection, pleasure, ravishment and surrender.

    Great sex and lovemaking can be the glue that keeps you feeling deeply and physically connected with each other, enabling you to weather many other kinds of storms in your relationship and life in general.

    Even though sex is a common topic for jokes in many social conversations, most couples don’t really talk much about what they like and don’t like with each other, nor are most people educated on how to have a great and healthy sex life.

    Also, often it is assumed that once you have been together for a period, that the fun and quality of your sex life naturally diminishes, but research has shown that this is not the case, and that the best sex actually happens in couples who have been in a committed relationship for 15 years or longer.

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    DIPAC Counselling offers 4 types of counselling, for different sexual issues. Therapists may offer a mix of the below types of counselling.

    Desire and Intimacy Counselling:

    Self-esteem and body image

    Reigniting love and passion

    Low libido

    Differing libidos

    Maintaining desire

    Arousal issues

    Sexual knots

    Sex Therapy (Sexual Function and Specific Issues):

    Difficulty orgasming

    Vaginismus/painful intercourse

    Premature ejaculation

    Erectile dysfunction

    Delayed ejaculation

    Transgender issues

    Sex and IVF

    Sex during and after pregnancy

    Gay/lesbian issues and sexuality

    Sexual abuse

    Addictions Counselling:

    Sex addiction

    Porn addiction

    Trauma Counselling:

    Sexual trauma

    Sexual health clinic Canberra

    We have found that on most occasions our sex life and our relationships are intricately linked so having joint skills and knowledge in both fields as therapists allows us to get the heart of any combined problem and help you create both a better sex life and better relationship.