Escort Ireland

  • Looking to hook up with a chick in Ireland?  If your answer is yes, consider yourself a lucky guy. Were about to hand you a 4 leaf clover and lead you to the pot of gold. lists all the most popular escort sites in Ireland and worldwide.

    Asides from giving you the list of escort sites, we also provide other cool information like; the cities you will find these sexy Irish escorts, laws of Ireland as regards sex works and the likes, how much escorts charge in Ireland, and other helpful info! Escort Ireland

    How much do escorts charge in Ireland?

    On average, Escorts in Ireland charge roughly €180 per hour for in-calls, On the lower end you can still find escorts charging €100 per hour and get half an hour deals for around €60. For the really premium confident escorts your looking at paying €300+ per hour.

    What kind of escort girls can I find in Ireland?

    Ireland is an island located in the North Atlantic. People have been living in Ireland for more than 9000 years. Also, they have migrants from South Americans, Eastern Europeans, Africans, English, Scots, Flemings, Welsh, Normans, and Vikings. These people have had significant influences on Irish culture.

    For the escort girls, you gonna find a lot of Irish native chicks, African ebony babes, Euro chicks, South American busty chicks, and more. There almost isn't an ethnicity of a girl you won’t find here. So, what are you waiting for? Are you convinced yet that Ireland is where its at !

    Is it safe to meet up with escorts in Ireland?

    Sex work is legal in Ireland but since 2017, you are not allowed to buy sex. Also, other sex activities such as pimping and operating brothels are not allowed. Most sex works in Ireland occur indoors. The criminal law act of 1993 does not allow the importuning or soliciting of another person in a public place or street for sex works.

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    Asides that, Ireland is a safe country. You gotta ensure that you don’t fall victim and lose guard, keep in mind that you are paying for “companionship" when you hire an escort. What you guys do behind closed doors is up to y'all. You gotta have some street smarts when your getting an escort and dont use words that might incriminate you when your hiring her.

    Luckily we already got you the list of real escort sites in Ireland; so, half the work is done! Its always  better to hire an escort from one of these reputable sites rather then going on the street corners and putting yourself at risk.