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  • Access Scanning Document Services, LLC was created by Javier Rios in 2011 hoping he could help the environment by digitizing paper that can be shred and reused in the future. Right after, Javier filed for a DBA in Los Angeles county to give it legality and start building what the company is now. Mail scanning service

    All our services are supervised by the owners of Access Scanning leaving zero margin of errors. We are HIPAA Compliant, Secure, Confidential and offer document digitizing services at affordable prices with personalized help!

    Access Document Scanning Services

    Document Scanning

    Convert ordinary paper documents into useful and accessible digital files. Paper documents create a barrier to productivity, accessibility, and profitability for any organization due to their inefficient nature. Scan paper files to PDF/OCR, TIFF or JPEG for back-up & future viewing. ASDS

    Mail Scanning

    Service tailored for any business. Convert mail to PDF and upload to secure cloud in a daily basis. Easy to search and view.

    Large Format Scanning

    Contruction, Engeeniering or any oversize paper can be scanned to PDF, TIFF, JPG, DWF, CALS, BMP, JPEG-2000(JP2), JPEG 2000 Extended(JPX), TIF-G4.

    Picture Scanning

    Preserve pictures to JPEG, TIFF or PDF at 300 DPI or higher. Share with your love ones or social media.

    Video To MP4

    We can help you digitize your VHS, DVDs and other formats to MP4 (other formats available)

    Computer Software Store

    Purchase GENUINE computer software at lower prices than other stores. Volume discounts and coupons for new customers.

    Print & Mail for Law - Medical Examiners

    We print & ship your reports to specific addresses. Enviromental friendly consumables.


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