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    MacMedia is one of the best SEO companies because we use the best data to drive results. Since our founding, it has been our mission to provide websites that work for your business AND look beautiful. We typically see increases in traffic over 200% when we provide Birmingham SEO services to clients.

    The best SEO companies stay up-to-date with the best practices to rank on search engines. We use white-hat SEO practices and always provide SEO campaigns that provide a return on investment for your business.

    How Our Birmingham SEO Company Ranks Your Business #1

    1. Keyword Research

    We start by getting to know your business and its needs. This is done through a series of meetings or phone calls to get familiar with your target audience. We use this information to begin identifying keywords to reach your customers. We review search data to evaluate performance and expectations for your chosen keywords, and also look at a term’s level of competition to form a plan and conversion path.

    2. Site Audit

    We perform an audit on your existing website to get any and all search data that may be useful. Have you run SEO Campaigns previously? What pages on your site are currently optimized? We take an in-depth look at your web presence and determine traffic patterns and form a plan to either correct or make additions to your website.

    3. Expectations

    During our expectations review, we use data to make projections and keyword forecasts on your SEO campaign. We talk through timelines and when you should expect results from your new campaign objectives. This is to ensure all our SEO efforts deliver immediate, targeted results.

    4. Execution

    In months 1-3, we begin to execute your SEO campaign strategy. This is when we add extensive content to your website, edit pages, optimize pages, and make your website keyword rich for your targeted terms. We improve your site structure and manage your business listings. Our Birmingham SEO company also leverages a social media marketing strategy to improve your overall SEO results.

    5. Measure

    During all stages of your SEO campaign, we measure results with extensive amounts of rich data. We measure page rankings, placements, traffic volumes, page performances, site load times, and much more. Our SEO experts also look at your organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, local visibility and click-through rates (CTRs). Forming an analysis, we can dial in your campaign to increase performance.

    6. Reports

    You are provided with monthly reports on anything and everything to do with your SEO campaign. During our consultation, we present a report with performance indicators, suggestions, and expectations going forward based on real-time data. This is when we are able to evaluate overall strategy and realize the results of your SEO campaign. Birmingham Digital Marketing Agency

    Local SEO Services

    64 Percent of customers use a search engine to find local businesses online.  It’s important you improve your business’s local SEO rankings immediately. MacMedia performs Google My Business (GMB) optimization to attract local customers to your business. We optimize your GMB profile and make sure your online reputation is showing 5 stars to grow your local following.

    Local SEO Expertise

    MacMedia’s local SEO expert can help your business perform well in local search queries. This ensures your business name and website ranks #1 in Google maps when one of your potential customer’s does a search nearby.