5 Things You Can Expect from OnePlus in 2021

  • In the year 2020, OnePlus released so many smartphones, but all of them are not qualitatively great. It feels like the company was focused on quantity and not quality in 2020. However, OnePlus is one of the biggest brands and people still want to see something new from it. Here are five things that we can expect from OnePlus this year.

    Trend-Setting Devices
    Initially, when OnePlus One was launched, the company didn’t add any new features to the device. We got features that we had already seen. But eventually, OnePlus started adding new features to its smartphones, especially in the US. The company launched OnePlus 5 that has a dual-lens rear camera; it was before any Samsung smartphone. Additionally, when the company launched the OnePlus 6T in the US, it was the first device with an in-display fingerprint sensor. And also OnePlus 7 Pro was the first smartphone in the US with a pop-up selfie camera.

    Well, OnePlus set a few smartphone trends in previous years and many companies followed them. However, we didn’t see anything new by the company in the year 2020, but this year won’t be the same. The company is planning to launch smartphones with some unique and new features that may set trends, and if it doesn’t, then at least we will have some new or advanced features on our smartphones.

    An Awesome OnePlus Smartwatch
    The company has already confirmed that it is going to launch an awesome smartwatch this year. Well, they haven’t revealed the launch date, I hope it will launch early in the year. Well, it’s necessary for the company to launch a smartwatch if it doesn’t want to fall. It is because, the sales of smartphones are way down, on the other hand, smartwatches’ sales are getting up day by day, so the decision of launching a smartwatch can be profitable for the company. Let’s see when it launches its smartwatch and what features they add to it.

    Make Oxygen OS More Powerful
    Oxygen OS is not perfect. With time, the company needs to evolve it, improve it, and experiment with it so that it can set a new trend in the market and stop following the crowd. Well, in the year 2020, the company launched Oxygen OS 11 that has an always-on display feature that of course gave a new design to its smartphones. However, people easily noticed that the company copied it from Samsung’s One UI. It’s not wrong to add a feature to the smartphones that already exist in the market, but it will be better if OnePlus makes the Oxygen OS more powerful and try to make it unique from others. This can happen this year because the company won’t want to repeat its mistake again.

    Keep Making the Nord Line
    The company launched the OnePlus Nord, the first Nord line device that people bought for $500 and got so many features. They had 5G access, a great display, multiple front and rear cameras, a huge battery, and many more. OnePlus Nord doesn’t feature Oxygen OS, but still, it’s a great pick. However, it was launched only in a few countries, and people had different opinions about the device. We can hope that this year OnePlus will continue making smartphones in the Nord line so that people who love it can buy new smartphones at affordable prices.

    Fix Bugs
    If you have ever used an OnePlus smartphone, you might have seen some bug issues on it. Well, it doesn’t happen with all the OnePlus’ devices, but some of them have some issues that we can expect from OnePlus to fix this year. It will be better for customers as well as the company’s reputation if it offers a stable OS along with regular updates.
    Let’s see how many of the above-mentioned things OnePlus offers us this year.

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