The Fujifilm X-S10 : A Compact Pro Camera With Super Cool Featu

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    Fuji products have a strong nostalgic and emotional appeal with their vintage styling, monochrome color palette, and exceptional quality. Fuji sensors have earned an excellent reputation among people from the photography field for their colors. Fuji doesn’t make full-frame cameras, but they produce a wide range of alluring camera lenses and bodies for the sensor size APS-C. Their lenses are also affordable, making it easy for you to build up the arsenal of your glass.

    Fujifilm’s X-S10 is an interchangeable 26MP lens camera that can shoot high quality 4K videos. The camera comes with an excellent color scheme and a deep grip. It is a cross between the company’s cameras, the X-H1, and X-T30. The camera has got the in-body stabilization feature and design from the X-H1 and guts from the X-T30. X-S10 is introduced to serve the needs of both experienced users and beginners.

    Here is a brief description of its features.

    Introduction of in-body Image Stabilization Feature

    The camera has in-body image stabilization, which means the user can use one of the small f2 lenses of Fuji as a walk-around lens while using the in-body image stabilization feature of this camera ,you can use it even in low-light situations. It has the dedicated button for the movie that makes it easy for you to switch between video and stills. Besides, the camera can shoot 4K video at the frame rate of 30 per second.

    Fast Autofocus for Video and Photos

    Fuji has made many significant innovations over the past few years, focusing on eye autofocus and tracking for both video and stills. This camera’s eye-detection feature is excellent that you can use to set a priority for the left or right eye.

    Film Simulations in 18 Different Ways

    The X-S10 is packed with 18 onboard modes for film simulations to cater to the content creators who want to directly share their content on social media without dealing with the editing process on computers. Also, it makes it easy to connect the camera wirelessly to your phone, facilitating easy uploads to the web.

    Great Design

    The ergonomic of this camera has a substantial grip for your hands, allowing the users to securely and easily grip it in one hand. You can pair the camera with both large and small lenses. It has a rugged alloy body of magnesium. However, it is not so heavy. Its other physical features include an in-built flash. The camera has no dedicated dials for shutter speed, ISO, and exposure compensation. But, it has a dedicated button for ISO. Also, the users can easily map the other two functions to manual dials that are programmable. The camera’s layout starts with a simple and easy PASM dial that stands for Program, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Manual.

    The Best Lens

    Fuji is well known for the exceptional quality of its Kit lenses. The users have two options of kit lenses with this camera, i.e., a 16-80mm lens with a constant f4 and an 18-55mm lens with a variable f2.8-4 aperture. Professional photographers use both lenses widely with much expensive glass in their photography kits.

    Overall, Fujifilm X-S10 is a compact camera that you can take anywhere and do anything with it. It is good enough to give you the best and high-quality pictures and videos; it can shoot a film, photograph any editorial feature and host any YouTube channel.

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