How To Check If Laptop Microphone Is Working Properly Using Win

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    It is good to check if a laptop mic is working correctly before hosting or joining a video chat. You can perform this by using Windows 10. If the mic of your laptop is not working, it will impact your productivity and hinder your work. Therefore, it is an important step to check if the mic of a laptop is working correctly. This can be easily performed by Windows 10. Nowadays, laptops running on the famous computer operating system provide users with many tools and options to help repair audio issues, video issues, and application issues.

    Most of the laptops with some issues can be tested and resolved from within the operating system itself, and you don’t even need to install any additional applications. However, it can be challenging to find the right fix for a particular problem because of the interface’s complex design. There is a multi-step procedure that needs to follow to fix the microphone issues on a laptop.

    To fix all sorts of issues on your laptop, such as laptop driver issues, software issues, and microphone related issues, you need to visit the Windows 10 settings menu, which serves as the perfect starting point. Users can see the current state of the microphone if it is not properly set up.

    Checking Laptop Mic Status & Fixing Issues

    It is always good to check if the microphone of a laptop is currently working properly before joining a video chat and linking to a smartphone. To get started, users should press on the start key, which can be found in the screen’s lower-left corner. The Windows Settings menu can be opened from here by clicking on the gear icon above the power symbol.

    After opening the Settings menu, the users can navigate the system menu by selecting the first option, picking the second available option, and selecting the sound tab. If your laptop’s microphone is working correctly, the users can see a bar under the “Test your microphone” section. It should move whenever it picks up sound. If the bar is unresponsive, users will need to fix this issue by clicking on the “troubleshoot” option. However, it is not a perfect solution to all sorts of audio problems; it is one of the important additions to the other Windows features that are responsible for making work with laptops more comfortable, convenient, and accessible.

    After discussing how to check if the laptop’s microphone is working correctly, we have concluded that it is good to check if the laptop’s microphone is working correctly before connecting it to a video chat. If you find any microphone issue, the above-discussed steps will help you fix your laptop’s microphone.

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