Here’s How to Prevent Mac from Sleeping Even When You Close the

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    As a default behavior, Mac drifts off to sleep every time you close its lid. However, you don’t want this to happen at times, even after knowing that this action will consume all the juice in your Mac. So, we have put together this article to show you how to prevent your Mac from sleeping when you close the lid, plus the ways to save some power still.

    Use the Amphetamine App

    To conserve the battery, macOS, like all the other devices, drifts off to sleep every time you close its lid. However, you can change this default behavior by using the available “keep-awake” utilities. The Amphetamine app is the most popular in this category. Start by launching this application. Once done, the amphetamine app icon will appear on your Mac’s menu bar.

    If the Amphetamine icon appears in a horizontal line, you should know that the app is inactive, and your Mac will drift off to sleep as it used to earlier. This action will turn the icon in a vertical line to enable or activate the Amphetamine mode, right-click, or Control-click on the app icon. This means that the Amphetamine mode is active, and it won’t let your Mac sleep, even when you close the lid. Also, know that the first time you activate Amphetamine mode, you will be asked to specify the mode behavior from the following options:

    Allow display sleep
    Allow the system to sleep when the display is closed.
    Allow screensaver after 45 minutes of inactivity.
    You can also specify the amount of time you want the Amphetamine mode to run, or else you can let it run indefinitely. In case you are not sure whether the Amphetamine mode is active or not, simply give the Amphetamine icon a click. If it is inactive, a “Start New Session” message will appear. And if it is active, then you will see the amount of time remaining for Amphetamine mode to go off.

    Don’t Burn Your Battery

    Preventing your Mac from drifting into sleep mode will cost your extra power consumption. However, specific settings can be tweaked to avoid your Mac from running out of fuel. To do so, click the Amphetamine icon in your Mac’s menu bar. From the list that appears, select the option named “Preferences,” then click on the “Sessions” tab from the window.

    Now, check-mark the option labeled ” Allow the system to sleep when the battery drops below a certain percentage.” This will prevent your Mac from dropping to the ultimate zero percent battery. After you enable this setting, you will receive a warning every time your Mac drops to the specified battery level. At this point, you can plug in a power adapter to override all battery-related issues.

    Start Amphetamine automatically

    There can be various situations in which you would want your Mac to stay awake throughout. For example, when your Mac is connected to an external display, power outlet, or drive. Fortunately, you can turn such scenarios into triggers to launch the Amphetamine mode automatically. Here is how to do this:

    Step 1: Click on the Amphetamine logo in your Mac’s menu bar, followed by “Preferences. ”

    Step 2: Then navigate to the “Triggers” tab.

    Step 3: Name your trigger in the table that appears.

    Step 4: Now, click the “+” symbol under “Criterion.”

    Step 5: Here, you can choose the triggers that you want to create. If you’re going to use the Amphetamine mode when you launch a particular app, then select “Application” to choose an application from the list that shows up. You can also activate this mode when connected to your home Wi-Fi by selecting “Wi-Fi Network” and then entering the name of your home network.

    Step 6: Next, select the option named “Allow system to sleep when the display is closed.”

    Step 7: Hit the “Save” button.

    Now, whenever your Mac finds itself in the above-specified conditions, it will automatically activate Amphetamine mode. To disable a trigger, navigate to Preferences -> Triggers. Find and deselect the trigger you want to disable.

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