How Do You Add Any Movie or Series to Google WatchList

  • Google Watchlist is a unique feature that helps you create a bucket list for your favorite movies. Whenever you need to watch a movie or series, it can be hard to find a relevant and exciting film. So what you can do is create a list of your favorite movies and series that you haven’t watched yet. This list will help you to quickly find a compelling movie whenever you wish to entertain yourself.

    Whenever you search for a movie on Google search, you can add it to Google Watchlist just by performing a few clicks.

    If you want to learn how to use Google’s Watchlist feature and add series and movies to it, you have come to the right place. Let’s check out how to do that.

    What is Google Watch List?

    Whenever you add a movie or series to Google Watchlist, you will be able to access the list later. It also suggests which streaming services offer the movies and series you have added in your inventory. This will make it easier for you to watch the content without doing too much research.

    In case you have Google Chromecast connected to your TV, the Google Watchlist becomes even more useful. The Watchlist will appear on the home screen of your Google Chromecast interface.

    How to Use Google Watchlist and Add Series or Movies to It?

    As we told you before that it is a part of Google Search. This means you can access it on your every device that has Google search. It means you can use it on your iPad, Android phone, iPhone, PC, Mac, or laptop with ease.

    Please follow the given instructions to add new films and TV shows to your Google Watchlist:

    First and foremost, open the Google search page on your internet browser.
    Then search for the movie you want to add to the Google Watchlist.
    Now you should see the description of the movie.
    In the information section, you should see a Watchlist option.
    Just click on that to add that particular title to your Watchlist.
    You can also tap the Watched It button if you have already seen the movie. This will allow Google to show you similar movies in recommendations.

    Once you have added enough shows and movies to your Watchlist, you can access your list any time you want. To access it, please follow the given instructions:

    Open the Google search page.
    Search for My Watchlist in the search bar.
    That way you can access your Watchlist anytime you need. There is no limit on how many movies and TV shows you can add.

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