All Week 6 XP Coin Locations in Fortnite Season 4

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    It’s been over a month since Fortnite Season 4 has been unleashed. The game is still extremely popular. Major credit for this immense success must go to the weekly challenges that keep on capturing the interest of the gamers. Moreover, players of Fortnite Season 4 are more intrigued by Weekly XP coins rather than the weekly challenges. Following this, Epic Games have started releasing a new set of XP Coins every Week. This Week is known to be the 6th Week of Fortnite Season 4, and its Weekly XP coins have arrived in the game. Thus, in the blog, we are going to help the gamers to know about all 6th Week XP Coin’s locations.

    About XP Coins

    Before heading further towards the process, let us first brief our new gamers about XP coin. XP coin helps players to raise their XP level in the game to obtain Season 4 Battle Pass. There are four types of XP Coins such as Purple, Blue, Green and Gold. Each XP Coin offers a massive XP inflation; with Purple XP coin, players will get 10,300 XP, and at the same time, for a Blue coin, the XP raise will be up to 6,500 XP. At last for the Green XP coin, players get 5,000 XP coin, and if gamers obtain Gold XP coin, then they will be rewarded with 15,000 XP.

    Purple XP Coins

    The first Purple XP coin lies in the north section of the Stark Industries’ main building that is located at New York Upstate.
    The second Purple XP coin is located on the beach situated in Holly Hedges.
    Blue XP Coins

    The first Blue XP coin lies inside a cabin orientated in the Weather Station. Gamers need to break the writing desk to access that cabin.
    The second Blue XP coin is located near the water tower in the Fortilla region. Gamers need to break the blue barrel to access the water tower.
    The third Blue XP coin lies in the house that is located on the northern part of Stark Industries. Gamers need to break the pots to access it.
    Green XP Coins

    The first Green XP coin is located on the backside of the boulder that lies in the southwest section of Doom’s Domain area.
    The second Green XP coin lies on a beach near a few washed-up wrecks that are located in the northwest region of the Steamy Stacks area.
    The third Green XP coin is located in the northern part of Lazy Lake. The coin lies near the rocks that asides the fire pit.
    The fourth Green XP coin lies in the north section of the Salty Springs area. The coin is hidden inside a tree adjacent to a two-story red-coloured home.
    Gold XP Coin

    The first and the only Gold XP coin lies inside a tunnel which is located in the doghouse of Anton. The doghouse is situated in a house at Ant Manor.

    Players can quickly raise their XP level in Fortnite Season 4 by obtaining XP coins. However, it is quite challenging for the players to find XP coins. It will surely consume a lot of player’s time to find the exact location of each 6th week XP Coin. Thus, it is advisable to them to obtain the assistance of this article to know all 6th Week XP coins’ locations.

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