How to Create a Shortcut for the Back Tap iOS 14 Accessibility

  • One of the exciting features provided in iOS 14 is that users can execute a specific task or action by tapping the back of the iPhone twice or thrice. There are several Android devices available in the market having the same kind of gestures and features, but iOS 14 back tap is one of the smart features out there.

    Sometimes, users want to set up a particular shortcut for the back tap iOS 14 accessibility features. If you also want the same thing, then you can easily set up this shortcut directly from the Touch menu by navigating the Accessibility Settings. Here you can easily set up pre-select actions for both double and triple taps.

    Here is how to create a shortcut for the back tap iOS 14 accessibility features with ease:

    Adding a Camera-Opening Shortcut to a Double tap Accessibility Feature

    First and foremost, launch the Shortcuts page on your iOS smartphone.
    Then, hit the “+” signed tab situated at the top-right hand side edge of your window.
    After that, press the Add Action option.
    Tap the search bar to get it activated.
    Now, locate the “Open App” there.
    Once the Open App successfully launches on your device’s screen, then tap on it. It will seem just like the grids of colourful square-shaped boxes.
    Next, hit the Choose option there.
    Press the Camera option directly from the provided listing.
    After that, tap on Next option.
    Type a particular name for your shortcut.
    Click the Done tab there.
    Congratulations! You have successfully created your shortcut.
    Now, you need to set it up for a specific task with a double or triple tap. To do so, continue reading the below-provided instructions:

    At the start, open the Settings page directly on your smartphone.
    Then, hit the Accessibility option there.
    Now, press the Touch tab.
    Scroll the page towards the bottom portion and then press the Back Tap option.
    Hit the Double or Triple Tap button.
    Next, scroll the page down and then hit the name of the shortcut that you have recently created.
    Now, the double or triple tap accessibility feature will open your iPhone camera.

    iOS 14 offers a unique feature of back tap. This newly introduced iPhone feature lets the users customize double and triple taps to execute a particular task and also for the shortcuts automation. One can easily set up a shortcut for an accessibility feature to quickly launch the new back up gesture.

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