How to Import Photos from your Digital Camera to a Specific Fol

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    Sometimes we need a separate folder or album on a device to store the more recent and memorable photos that we have captured on a digital camera. If that is the case, and you desire to import a bunch of images or essential files of a camera to Mac computer, then you are not out of luck. Users may have Photos app on Mac to transfer images automatically. macOS provides several features and tools to transfer pictures.

    If you wish to move all your memorable photos from your camera to Mac, then you need to follow some workaround.

    Here are the procedures to create a new folder on Mac to transfer all your camera photos in just a click:

    Choosing a Folder to add new Images Right from the Digital Camera in the Photos App on Mac

    One can easily use the Photos app on Mac to request photos transfer directly from a digital camera. Here are the straightforward steps to do so:

    At the start, open Photos app directly on your Mac device.
    Then, head towards the digital camera icon located at the sidebar and tap on it, if it isn’t selected already.
    After that, choose the image files that you desire to transfer into a specific image folder on Mac.
    Now, hit the Library tab situated at the uppermost section of the Photos app screen.
    Next, choose the folder you desire to move your selected images directly to.
    Wait for a little until the transferring procedure is complete.
    After some time, you will find that all your photos have been successfully moved to the selected folder.
    Creating New Folder to Import Photos Directly from Digital Camera to Mac with Photos app

    In case you wish to set up a new and dedicated folder in Photos app for all your vacations or picnic photos, but you don’t know how to do that. No problem, these instructions are here for your help.

    In the beginning, you need to open the Photos app on your macOS running device.
    Then, hit the icon of the digital camera directly by moving towards the sidebar.
    After that, choose the Photos that you wish to transfer to your newly created folder.
    Press the Library option situated at the uppermost section of the Photos app window.
    Then, tap on the “New Album” option.
    Type the album name there.
    Now, hit the OK button to proceed.
    Finding Photos that you Recently Added to the Folder into the Photos App on Mac

    At the start, open your Photos app directly on the Mac device.
    Then, hit the My Album option by navigating the sidebar.
    Now, perform a double click on your album.
    Locating Photos if no Specific Folder is Selected

    Individuals can easily find the desired photos even if they haven’t selected a particular folder for the transfer process.

    Firstly, you need to open your Photos app directly on a Mac device.
    Then, hit the Imports tab.
    You may easily use filters for your imported contents and files by: only photos, favorite, edited, only videos or keywords etc.
    Hit the Showing option situated at the uppermost left-hand side edge of your window. Then choose the filter option there.
    Now, all the photos will display on your Mac screen. Select them all and save in a separate folder for easy accessibility.

    Transferring images to a specific folder is not a very complicated task. It lets the individual manage and customize all the images, files and memorable photos on a compatible device. They can use the Photos app too for various customization features and transferring jobs. You can follow the appropriate instructions to transfer all your photos directly from your digital camera to Mac.

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