What do you need to know about animation?

  • Not every brand or business is willing to pay the cost of creating a full-fledged video. But to show the target audience the feelings or emotions from the use of the product, to visualize just a complex production process or to attract the attention of potential customers with a bright video on a social network is needed by almost every business.

    Animation is an effective way to enliven the image and create an interesting visual series for advertising, which allows you to increase brand awareness, positively affect sales and build productive communication with the target audience. In most cases, the cost of an animated creation service is much lower than the cost of developing and creating a video. But the task of business advertising animation sometimes solves even better. In addition, in a digital environment, animated advertising materials provide excellent user conversion. And advertising animation has a wide range of uses, because animated advertising materials can be used both on the Web and for broadcast on television or in presentation slides.

    3D graphics - an image of objects in volume. The advantage of 3d animation for an advertising or product video is that when working with this technology, you can create any space: real and fictional, but always attractive to the viewer or potential buyer. In such a video with objects or characters, you can do what is impossible during the filming process: revive the advertised product (endow it with facial expressions and speech) or force the object to transform in order to see all its possibilities. 3D graphics are also used in design: creating screensavers for an event, unusual presentation of a company logo, etc.