Online Slots

  • With the advent of online casinos, the developers not only transferred all the functions and characteristics of land-based slot machines to the online space, but also added a couple of new options to the list of slot game varieties.

    Classic slots are essentially a virtual analogue of the "one-armed bandit". Also, this concept can be attributed to any offline or online slot with three reels and one payline. Unlike real 3-reel slots, classic online slots can differ in their subject matter. Many developers have abandoned traditional symbols, replacing them with thematic ones. Also, 3-reel online slots can contain special symbols or bonus games and be included in the network with a progressive jackpot. The classic online slot often has a single payline, although there are exceptions here as well.

    Multi-reel slots are models of online slot machines, the playing field of which consists of 5, 7, 9 reels. Slots with an even number of reels are much less common.

    5 reel slots are among the most popular at the moment. They are always themed with a large number of paylines (50-100), bonus symbols and games, free spins and progressive jackpots.

    7-reel slots are not that popular among players yet. There are no bonus symbols or games in them, although, in a sense, these models offer more realistic conditions for winning. The playing field contains no more than 10 paylines, and there are much fewer symbols on the reels. To pay, you need to collect any three symbols on one line.

    9-reel slots have appeared relatively recently and, in fact, look like regular slots with 3 reels and 3 pay lines. Only the symbols in them rotate independently of each other, and the paylines are located in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions. Also, 9-reel models can be included in the progressive jackpot system and are not deprived of various bonuses.

    Multi-line slots - already from the name it becomes clear that these models will have several paylines. The playing field in the first multi-line slots consisted of three reels and three pay lines: top, bottom and middle. Now it is no longer possible to somehow classify slots according to payment lines due to the huge number of different options. Only a regular online slot with 3 reels and 5 paylines can have from 9 to 50 paylines, which is already talking about 5v5 models.

    Progressive slots are not much different from their real counterparts. In order to hit the jackpot, you need to play at the maximum rates, only in progressive online slots the bet limits can be lower than in real gambling halls, and the choice of models is larger.

    3D slots are models with more complex graphics and detailed drawing. During their development, 3D technologies are used, which allows you to create a special, dynamic atmosphere and enhances the feeling of reality of what is happening. 

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