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How to work with Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

    Are you considering installing cabinets with a distressed appearance inside your pantry but aren’t sure whether or not they are ideal for your wishes in interior design? If yes, this article is meant for you.
    Here, you will effortlessly discover not only the reasons why distressed cabinets are popular and good for you but also tips for working with them. We have compiled everything about distressed kitchen cabinets to help you make the perfect decision as far as installing them in your pantry is concerned.
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    What are Distressed Kitchen Cabinets?

    Also referred to as worn-out cabinets, distressed kitchen cabinets are notably defined by rugged or weathered natural wood appearance. Because of their antique outlooks, these drawers are more often linked to classic interior designs, for example, farmhouse interior design.
    Interestingly, distressed cabinets are compatible with all modern interior designs. When it comes to adding a rustic charm to modern-style interiors, modern homeowners seem to trust worn-out cabinets more than anything else.
    Apart from their worn-out or rustic natural wood countenance, the major distinguishing attributes of distressed kitchen cabinets include the following;
    #1: Impressive Resale Value
    While they are the surest ticket to making an interior feel charming, distressed cabinets are mostly adored for their unequaled resale values. According to professional interior designers, homeowners who choose to install distressed-looking cupboards inside their kitchens unknowingly increase the value of their precious homes by almost 50% of the total value.
    The major reason why distressed cabinets can potentially heighten the resale value of a home is based on the fact that they are made up of natural wood. Because wood, their sole material, is stronger and more longer lasting, distressed cabinets come with a guarantee of staying for ages without showing any need for replacement, refurbishment, or even, outfitting.
    #2: Convenience in Access and Usage

    Distressed cabinets also stand out as distinguishable, thanks to the convenience of finding and using them. Since these drawers have been prominent in interior design for so many years, finding them in various furniture stores, online and physically, is arguably a straightforward affair.
    Regarding usage, distressed kitchen cabinets, as we noted at the beginning, are suitable for any interior design, from classic to the present interior design fashion. Moreover, they can be paired with an array of colors, décor materials as well as multiple material textures.
    #3: High Cost of Purchase
    Among the drawbacks of distressed cabinets, is the fact that they are less pocket-friendly. Perhaps this is the most unimpressive characteristic of cabinets with weathered natural wood countenance. Fortunately, even though they are somehow expensive, these drawers are among the most durablecabinetry designs and come with the most impressive resale values, just as we noted earlier.
    According to various cabinet designers and manufacturers in the US, the unimpressive prices of distressed cupboards more often result from the complicated process of giving them their iconic distressed appearance.

    Are Distressed Cabinets Trending in 2023?

    Certainly yes! With classic-style cabinets rocking the post-modern interior design industry, distressed kitchen cabinets are expected to trend. This 2023, distressed cabinets are trending unimaginably, thanks to the modern-style distressed cabinets that have entered the interior design market.
    However, the main reasons why distressed kitchen cabinets are trending in 2023 include the following;
    1. Multiplicity of Design Options
    With distressed kitchen cabinets currently coming out in different styles this year, they were generally anticipated to trend. This is because when choosing kitchen cabinets, modern homeowners now shift towards cabinets marked by diversity in terms of cabinet styling options and design features.
    • Durability
    Although they are more expensive than many conventional cabinetry designs, distressed cabinets are trending, thanks to their durability. Homeowners are choosing these drawers not only because of their impressive resale values but also their ability to stay for many years without demanding cash-intensive refurbishments or repairs.
    • Eye-Catchy Visual Appeal
    Besides their design versatility and durability, distressed kitchen cabinets are enjoying tremendous popularity because of their visual attractiveness. To homeowners attracted to country-style interiors, the attractive weathered wood appearance of distressed cupboards works well to reinforce the relaxed atmosphere of traditional interiors.
    On another hand, homeowners attracted to modern-style interior designs believe that the rustic outlook of distressed cabinets can complement the appearance of a modern-style kitchen interior making it feel sophisticated.
    • Availability
    As we already noted, distressed cabinets are not so hard to find. For this reason, cabinets with distressed appearance are now the favorite cabinet designs of many homeowners not just in America but across the globe.
    It seems that nobody wishes to waste their valuable time trying to find drawers that are difficult to access. Because distressed kitchen cabinets are typically readily available in almost all furniture stores, they are now in great demand everywhere.

    How to Style a Kitchen with Distressed Cabinets

    • Mix Shades
    If you don’t want the weathered wood outlook of distressed cabinets to overwhelm the interior of your kitchen and make it look bland and traditional, you can try adding mixtures of colors to your kitchen’s interior.
    Thankfully, dozens of different shades can seamlessly match the rustic wood appearance of distressed kitchen cabinets, which is a fact that expresses the convenience of matching colors with distressed cupboards.
    • Accessorize Distressed Cabinets
    Accessorized distressed cabinets are ideally perfect for modern-style kitchen interior designs. Therefore, if you are by any chance enthusiastic about modern kitchens but are attracted to rustic wood cupboards, the best you can do is go for distressed cabinets marked by accessories.
    Depending on the overall visual appearance of your pantry, you can go for distressed cabinets fitted with accessories made of metals like gold, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, and copper. The takeaway is that accessorized cabinets can help give an entire interior a magnificent facelift.

    Final Thoughts

    Distressed kitchen cabinets are boasting an unequaled popularity in 2023. While they continue to come out featuring breathtaking styles, shapes, and other design features, many homeowners are getting attracted to them. Since they are versatile, functional, and unquestionably unique, cabinets with distressed cabinets are likely to continue charming many homeowners for many more years.